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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jul 28, 2021

My guest today is Haley Jaeger, founder and designer of Atonement Design. Haley has been a designer since she was a child and is a dear friend of mine.

Whether it was clothing, jewelry, or decor, Haley was engulfed in creativity. As her skills evolved, she gravitated towards pairing an artistic eye with partnerships with talented artisans across the globe, and the concept for Atonement Design was born.

3:43 – Haley 101

  • She’s a northern California girl and lives in wine country. She and her husband are very passionate about sustainability.
  • She has an online boutique.

6:01 – Her journey to sustainability

  • Haley says she was naïve in high school and thought it would be easy to have a boutique that focused on fair trade and artisan made items.
  • She fell in love with the concept of fair trade and enjoyed partnering with artisans.
  • Designing clothes and jewelry has always been her creative outlet and helped her after her dad died.

11:04 – Atonement Design

  • Haley was trying to figure out what direction she wanted to go and thought about being a full-time missionary or working in ministry.
  • She felt like the Lord was encouraging her to be a light to people in the design industry.
  • While reading the Bible, the word “atonement” kept coming up, so she decided to name her company after that.

17:01 – Growing her company

  • She started making jewelry and selling it to friends, but she wanted to grow even more.
  • Education, delegating and therapy have been crucial to her success.

25:20 – Pivoting in a pandemic

  • Despite the pandemic, Haley has been able to grow her business online, and she learned how to market to her customers.
  • She started selling her jewelry in a Facebook group and hired her first assistant to help pack orders.

30:49 – Get to know you

  • Favorite song to sing? Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”
  • Favorite meal? Gyro tacos


I think that’s how my business has grown – is just going to counseling and figuring out my stuff and figuring out all the barriers. – Haley

How I’ve grown has just been little steps. – Haley

I was doing a lot of in-person events and not as many online sales. When COVID shut things down … I had to do all online and discovered that I do have customers there.



Haley Jaeger is the founder and designer of the socially conscious lifestyle brand, Atonement Design. She has been a designer since she was a child- whether it was clothing, jewelry, or decor, she was engulfed in creativity. As her skills evolved, she gravitated towards pairing an artistic eye with partnerships with talented artisans across the globe, and the concept for Atonement Design was born.

After receiving her B.S. in Business Management with a focus on non-profit organizations and entrepreneurship, she worked in sales, marketing, and accounting before taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship and focusing fully on Atonement Design in 2020

Haley loves bulldogs, french fries, and crafts. When she's not working, you can usually find her wine tasting around her Sonoma County home, playing cribbage with her husband at their favorite brewery, or at game night with her girlfriends.


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