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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

May 17, 2023

My guest this week is Jenny Nuccio, a mom, wife, coach, mentor, and founder and CEO of Imani Collective. What first started as a non-profit training program has developed into a social enterprise and holistic women’s empowerment program in Mombasa, Kenya.

Jenny started going to Kenya when she was 18 and started Imani Collective at 21. She didn't have mentors along the way and humbly entered every door asking countless questions. Her journey felt extremely lonely and she realized so many others were in her shoes.

Jenny wants women to not only come alive in who they are but also realize that they are fully capable of chasing their dreams.

Jenny is a good friend of mine and was on the show in April 2021. Listen to her previous episode.

3:15 – Jenny 201

9:12 – Creative process

  • Jenny’s creative process has changed over the years. She used to journal, and now she shares thoughts by voice notes.
  • Her book takes people behind the scenes of her life and work.
  • Her short stories take people through the highs, lows and lessons learned.

13:16 – Radical listening

  • Ask yourself: What are you doing to radically listen and create change?
  • Jenny is always fighting against the narrative of quick change in communities. She wants to empower people and aid communities for the long term.

21:10 – Let it Be Wild

  • Jenny’s family always called her the wild one, so that inspired the name of her book.
  • Her family didn’t travel much, but Jenny now travels all over the world.
  • When she was young, she had audacious bravery.

30:40 – Challenges and the future

  • After Covid started, her business grew 116%. They handed out thousands of masks to the community.
  • She was blessed with more business, but it was a challenge.

41:30 – Quieting the inner voice

  • Jenny allows herself to feel emotions and have some stagnant days.
  • Hiding under the covers is OK for awhile, but don’t stay there.

47:05 – Get to know you

  • What brings her the most joy? Her daughter’s laugh.



My expertise is the social enterprise world.

I’m always fighting against that narrative of quick relief. How are we doing empowerment and development that is actually aiding communities for the long term?

What are you doing to radially listen and create change?

When you’re young, you have audacious bravery.