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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Sep 13, 2017

"Duty is ours. Results are Gods." -John Quincy Adams

That quote also happens to be the mantra for Jim Van Eerden, co-founder of Sevenly. Jim has been a serial entrepreneur for most of his life... he's worked in the entertainment industry as an executive producer on major films, he's worked in brand management working for major organizations like the Olympic national committee, the World Cup, and Pepsi. He has worked alongside media powerhouses like Mia Hamm and Serena Williams. And he co-founded Sevenly in 2011 with a desire to change the way consumers felt connected to the causes they cared about. 

We also had an important conversation surrounding the controversy that Sevenly experienced a couple of years ago. They have since recovered and have done a great job of rebuilding the brand, but Jim very candidly discusses what happened and how they took an unconventional approach to repairing the damage.

Jim is also a strong man of faith and a believer in family. He and his wife Rachel have 11 children, including a son they adopted from Ecuador who was, quite literally, found naked in a trash bag as an infant. 

Jim's business savvy is strong, his faith runs deep, and he has a passion for business unlike any other person I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life. Jim's belief is that people are looking for an opportunity to standup and fight for the beautiful, the good, and the true. People are passionate about being, not barking. People want to do, not yell and fight. 

This conversation is one that is going to inspire so many to take action.


Jim Van Eerden is a serial entrepreneur with a heart for serving others. He co-founded Sevenly in 2011, outfitting world changers in new “cause art” every week, benefitting multiple causes, all under the same mission, “because people matter.” Besides being an intelligent businessman, he is also the loving father of eleven children, and on the foundational teams of many other businesses, non-profits, and charities. 


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