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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Oct 18, 2023

Our guest this week is the remarkable Jay Kim, who serves as the lead pastor at West Gate Church in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, and a teacher in residence at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz. Jay is not only a gifted pastor, but a seasoned writer, having authored several books, including Analog Church and Analog Christian, and most recently, the 40 Days Through The Book: Colossians Bible study.

In addition to his writing and pastoral roles, Jay co-hosts two podcasts: Barna’s Making Space podcast and Western Seminary’s ReGENERATION podcast, and is an incredibly talented speaker and educator. If you're someone who loves diving into scripture, you are going to love this episode. His ability to bring the text to life and make complex concepts clear is truly inspiring.

Listen in as we dive deep into the background and cultural context of the book of Colossians in this episode and explore how it directly apply to our lives in the present day. Get ready to be educated, entertained, and moved as Jay Kim shares his incredible wisdom and perspective with us.

3:47 – Jay 101

  • Growing up in Silicon Valley
  • A father, pastor and writer
  • Jay’s testimony 

16:51 – 40 Day Bible Study

  • Why Colossians?
  • The relevance of Colossians
  • “My truth” is gaining prominence 

25:44 – Jay’s Writing Approach

  • Laying out the cultural context
  • Parallels between ancient Colossians and our struggles today
  • Jay’s revelations during his studies

37:26 – Honoring God’s Love

  • Being chosen by God is a statement of love
  • Taking God’s love for granted + understanding costly grace
  • Becoming people of love, compassion, and humility

46:23 – Jay’s Prayer For This Study

  • God is in control
  • Finding peace in God’s promise


“Finding some people who love you and care about you and are willing to sort of lean into whatever you're going through. It's just….it's a lifeline.”

“Your motivation, your desires, your intention- point them to God and the things of God and then think about what that means for your life….That's the life of centering or reorienting yourself around Jesus.”

“My prayer, then, and my prayer now is the same. It's that people would find an immense hope and comfort and confidence for life, in knowing that someone else is in is actually in control of the human story.”

Learn more about Jay: