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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Oct 25, 2023

This week, we have an incredible guest, Jay Hewitt, joining us. He is a pastor, author and motivational speaker, and his life journey is nothing short of a remarkable testimony of courage and faith.

At the age of 37, Jay was confronted with a devastating diagnosis- terminal brain cancer. Through this experience, he found strength in God and embraced his calling to be a storyteller. His memoir, I Am Weak, I Am Strong, is coming out this fall, which details his extraordinary journey to become an Ironman while battling cancer. 

Living in Orange County, California, he cherishes his family and continues to inspire others with his unwavering faith and empowering messages. His journey reminds us of the boundless strength within each of us. Join us for an incredibly moving and powerful conversation that you do not want to miss!

2:47 – Jay 101

  • A calling to ministry
  • Jay’s family
  • Battling brain cancer
  • Jay’s testimony

9:00 – Embracing New Assignments

  • From student ministry to new adventures
  • Launching a church + discovering new giftings
  • Saying ‘yes’ to where God leads

15:59 – Jay’s Diagnosis + Journey

  • The discovery of Jay’s brain tumor
  • Finding the right surgeon + the surgery
  • Jay’s cancer diagnosis + shortened life expectancy 
  • A shift in prayer

33:48 – The Ongoing Journey

  • Holding on to hope and faith
  • Inspiration for the Ironman 
  • Beginning training and chemo

49:05 – Resilient Faith

  • Combining one’s calling with confidence
  • Asking in faith
  • Cooperating with God’s work

55:59 – Jay’s Life Today + Wisdom

  • Current health status
  • Living each day to the fullest
  • Depending on God’s strength


“In 2 Corinthians 12:10, God says, ‘My grace will sustain you.’ And that's what I've been learning through this whole thing.”

“I've just come to realize, it's only by God's grace that we have today. And it's not just me. It's you. It's the people next to us. The people listening right now. It's by God's grace that we have today.”

“I need to dream like I'm gonna live forever and live like it's my last day. And that's how I keep moving forward in this life of uncertainty with my specific type of cancer.”

Pre-order your copy of I Am Weak, I Am Strong, available November 14th, 2023: