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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

May 24, 2023

Welcome to Episode 350! I can’t believe we’re here. I’m coming up on 7 years in podcasting, which is incredible, and I’ve had the chance to talk with so many amazing people. 

Every 10 episodes I do a solo show. And it’s really just me! No team. No people sitting nearby. Just me sitting by myself at my desk in my office/recording studio. I wanted to do something fun for this episode, so we’re doing a “Get to know me” show.

2:02 – Get to know me

  • Back in high school, I created my own website on GeoCities. People used to share fun “get to know me” info.
  • Let’s jump into some questions you have about me!

5:11 – Am I named after anyone?

  • No, I’m not named after anyone. My name is Irish. My parents always wanted to have a girl named Molly.

5:33 – Do I have kids?

  • Yes, Lily and Amos. And two boys, Elijah and Malachi, who went to Heaven during pregnancy.
  • I always wanted 5 kids, so I adopt my friends’ kids.

6:03 – Last time I cried?

  • I cry all the time. I’m a sympathy crier.

7:01 – Do I use sarcasm?

  • Not as much as my husband.

7:34 – What I first notice about people?

  • What they’re wearing and if I think they’re real or phony.

8:43 – Scary movie or happy endings?

  • Hard pass on scary movies.

9:09 – Favorite smells?

  • Flowers – roses and peonies. Also, the smell of my house, especially my bed and sheets. Is that strange?

11:14 – Hobbies

  • Playing guitar and reading, if I have time. Also, anything farming.
  • I have several “granny habits,” like canning, cooking and food preservation.

12:54 – What did I want to be when I grew up?

  • I wanted to be on Saturday Night Live. Seriously, that was my dream.

13:56 – How tall am I?

  • I’m 5’3” on a good day!

14:48 – Favorite and worst subjects in high school?

  • Loved writing, hated math.

16:07 – Favorite childhood memory

  • When my mom took my friends and me to see NSYNC in concert.

18:24 – Extrovert or introvert?

  • I’m an introvert … really! I just love my alone time. That’s how I recharge.

20:02 – Am I a good cook?

  • Yes! I love to cook.

21:02 – Where would I love to live?

  • Right where I am.

22:43 – First movie I saw

  • The Wizard of Oz. I was obsessed with it.

23:02 – One word that describes me

  • Loyal.

23:56 – Something that amazes me

  • Living on the farm and seeing life happen around me.


I love doing this podcast. I get to sit down with so many cool people.

I cry all the time. I’m a sympathy crier.

Do I use sarcasm? Not as much as my husband.

I have developed what I call “granny habits” over the last couple of years. I really like to can and cook and do food preserving.