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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jun 21, 2023

My guest this week is Jenell Jones, an education entrepreneur who is currently operating two childcare and early learning centers. Her centers specialize in providing high quality learning experiences to children who experience trauma in low-income areas.

In her spare time, Jenell prides herself by staying active in her church community in Arizona. She enjoys sharing her time, talent, and treasure with all those in need, and thoroughly enjoys sharing her experiences as a natural, foster, and adoptive mother through the lens of Christianity. Jenell has seven children and is grateful that God allowed her to be the mother of each of them.

3:42 – Jenell 101

  • Jenell says she is a normal person and loves her seven children.
  • She often feels mom guilt and wanting to do more for her children.

6:06 – Shattered

  • In her just released book, Shattered, Jenelle shares her honest take on the adoption and foster care system.
  • Jenell’s family is one of those families where, if somebody needs something, they end up at Jenell’s house – whether it’s two days or two years.

8:41 – Helping children feel whole again

  • One of Jenell’s foster children was hospitalized and told the nurse she was hearing voices. Not much can shock Jenell, but that did. 
  • Doctors aren’t always able to help kids with trauma and brokenness feel whole again.

15:27 – Advocating for children

  • Jenell is sharing her story about the foster and adoption system to bring the issues to light.
  • There is no voice for children in the system.
  • People aren’t showing God’s children when they’re leaving children to fend for themselves without a voice.

23:56 – Protecting children’s privacy

  • Jenell tries to protect her children’s identities while sharing their stories.
  • Doctors need more data from real situations to help children.

28:29 – Separating siblings

  • Jenell’s daughter has 10 siblings, and she couldn’t take all of them, unfortunately. It’s hard on kids when they are separated from family.

32:19 – Looking ahead

  • Jenell is trying to get the word out about her book.
  • To help her, visit


I am just like a normal person. I like to pride myself on being a mom of seven.

We are one of those families where, if somebody needs something, they end up at our house – whether it’s two days or two years.

I’ve started with telling my story to rally other people around us.

We’re not showing God’s love when we’re leaving those children out there.


About Jenell Jones:

Jenell M. Jones is an early education entrepreneur, currently operating multiple early learning centers, which specialize in providing high quality learning experiences to children who experience trauma in low-income areas. Her education background includes earning a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on autism spectrum disorders from Arizona State University. A native of Phoenix, Jones has provided her expertise to families for the last decade and currently hosts private discussions with other foster and adoptive parents on current issues affecting the nontraditional home. Through her life experiences, passion is the source by which she governs herself to make a difference. The goal is not to be perfect but to assist others in rising through difficulties. Jones’ blueprint of success can be summed up in a few statements: Be tenacious, be kind, be loving, but most of all…be forgiving. Find out more about her at

Adoptive mother shares first-hand experiences of under-supported foster and adoptive parents

PHOENIX, Arizona – Adoptive and foster parents assume there will be adequate resources to support their growing families – but too often, the system doesn’t follow through. In “Shattered” (AuthorHouse, May 16, 2023), Jenell M. Jones tells the raw truth behind America’s foster and adoption system, sharing the day-to-day realities and challenges of raising children with mental and physical limitations, and tells parents (and would-be parents) what they most need to hear: It won’t be what you expect, and you are not alone.

With the trajectory of today’s society, we can all agree that parenting is difficult. Choosing to foster and adopt proves to not be an easy feat. Parents are in constant competition with societal influences and sometimes feel it’s an uphill battle. These same parents are often told they will be supported in the rearing of their children and that adequate resources would be made available. But what happens when you discover the system that promised to help you, would betray you? What happens when you decide to enter into another realm of difficulty – fostering and adopting children who come with mental and physical baggage? 

Meet Jenell M. Jones, an adoptive mother who is still trying to find the answers to these questions. In these pages, you will see through a mother’s eyes as she shares her deepest pain for her daughter, “Mercy.” In the end, justice is necessary and peace is questionable.