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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Sep 19, 2018

I talk all the time about the importance of having a “why” in your business. Having a “why” is that foundation that every business owner should build their business upon. Simply because, when the rough patches come (which they will) and when the business gets hard (which it will), having a strong “why” behind what you do helps push past those challenges. A lot of businesses can struggle with this, or maybe, the “why” gets lost in the “what”--the “what they are doing.” But today’s guest is helping businesses, and people, get back to their “why,” so that they can do better at doing their “what.”


My guest this week is Ryan McCarty, the co-founder of Culture of Good, a program that teaches other businesses to increase employee engagement, by encouraging employees to bring their souls to work. But let me tell you, Culture of Good is about so much more, and I can’t possibly sum it up in just a blurb, so you’re going to have to listen to the show.



Ryan’s story has a very tragic beginning. As a child, he was faced with the reality of how broken our world is. His mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, while his father--a Vietnam veteran--was a heroin addict. When Ryan was six years old, his mother committed suicide. Following that tragedy, his father got clean, re-married, and found sanctuary in his faith. Ryan began to discover that a lot of purpose came from the pain he had experienced as a young child. From that point forward, he was led to church and doing meaningful work. His family was always giving back and doing good--from collecting food and clothes for the needy, to volunteering their time. He felt this was his full-time purpose, and he went into ministry. Ryan became a pastor and worked to tie his life into the notion that you can find a sense of meaning behind your life, and leverage your work in that way. He knew what he wanted to do with his life, and threw his entire life into that space.



Ryan’s philosophy is that we find meaning in our own lives when we do good for others. While his career began with ministry, he now finds himself in the corporate world--in the “Business with Purpose” sector. It all began one day, when Ryan was giving a sermon on the importance of finding your “why.” Unbenounced to him, a very important businessman was in the audience. He came up to Ryan afterwards and said that he wanted to learn more, because he felt that his employees needed to know their “why”. They sat down over chips and salsa and talked about this man’s exponentially-growing business. One of the large risks of a growing business is that you lose what made you special when you started: culture. This businessman wanted to give his employees a sense of purpose, so his company could rediscover its culture. During their conversation, Ryan surprised himself, by asking the businessman to hire him to help his employees connect to their “why,” and Culture of Good was born.



Ryan was looking for a way to connect employees on an emotional level, so he began working with what he knew best: giving back. He sought to create an emotional disruption in the workplace. It needed to be more than a typical corporate day of service, it needed to be driven into the DNA of the business: the culture. His experience with this first company was incredibly successful. It was results-based and had a huge return on investment. Ryan wanted to replicate this success with other companies, and wrote a book with the aim of creating a replicable structure for this “culture of good.”  Ryan wants companies to encourage employees to bring their souls to work--their “why’s”. He has launched an incredible number of tools for companies, with the aim of helping them reshape and redefine their company’s culture--into a culture of good.


About Ryan McCarty, Co-Founder of  Culture of Good:

Ryan McCarty is an author, speaker, storyteller and the co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc.


His book, Build A Culture of Good, teaches companies how to unleash results by letting their employees bring their souls to work. Ryan’s work has been featured in Huffington Post,, People, Forbes and more. He is also featured on podcasts regularly for his profound message on operating your business and living your life with a soul.


With more than 20 years of leadership experience in full-time ministry and nonprofit work, Ryan helps guide for-profit companies how to lead their businesses with a meaningful “why.” He has experienced that with the right attitude and passion, businesses can be profitable and have a purpose.


Ryan believes every leader and employee can leverage their daily work to discover their life calling by building their own culture of good and making the world a better place.




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