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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jun 6, 2018

Today’s episode is a little different than usual, and I loved it. I know that I have a lot of listeners who are not entrepreneurs. You’re in the corporate world, or you’re a student, or you’re an employee, or you’re in a job that you just cannot stand and you’re looking to change jobs or find a job where you can serve on a team that utilizes your gifts. You’re looking for a job with purpose and meaning and you just don’t know where to start. Well, we’ve got you covered today! My guest this week is Mac Prichard, founder and president of Prichard Communications and Mac’s List. Mac is the proud owner of two registered B Corporations and he is so passionate about helping others find their dream job that allows them to make a sustainable living while doing good in the world. Today’s episode has something for literally everyone in it and I know you’re going to love it! B CORPS BROKEN DOWN Benefit Corporations, or B Corps, are huge in the ethical world, but many people don’t know the significance of this type of business. With over 2,500 B Corps across the world, these businesses aren’t just trying to make a profit, they are used to better the community and the environment. Mac breaks down what it takes to become a B Corp and how these businesses manage the triple bottom line. THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET So many people who are unemployed or feel stuck in a job are looking to pursue something that has meaning and purpose. Yet, it can be very difficult to find a job to fulfill these needs just by looking through job boards. Most great positions are never advertised and are found only in the hidden job market through word of mouth. Mac and I discuss why some people struggle to find jobs in the hidden job market and how you can learn to find them. BUILDING CONNECTIONS Creating relationships is key in all aspects of life, but so many dread the thought of networking. However, people’s idea of being successful at networking events is often very different than how to actually be successful at networking events. Mac and I chat about playing up your strengths to make networking more bearable and the importance of authentic conversation, listening, and asking questions when building connections. About Mac Prichard, founder and president of Prichard Communications and Mac’s List: Mac Prichard is the founder and publisher of Mac’s List, an online community for people looking for rewarding, creative, and meaningful work. More than 80,000 people a month visit the site, which includes a job board, a blog, and coursed about the nuts and bolts of job hunting and career management. A leading career expert, Mac helps people who are looking for a job during all of life’s transitions: millennials getting a first job, midlife professionals switching sectors, parents getting back to work after raising a family, or baby boomers who want to change careers. Mac is proud to own two registered B-Corp companies, which use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. He is the author of Land Your Dream Job Anywhere and hosts the weekly podcast, Find Your Dream Job. CONNECT WITH MAC

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