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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jun 27, 2018

The entertainment industry is a tough industry. We hear all the time about entertainment industry professionals, actors, directors, musicians, producers, et cetera, who get burned out. They suffer from depression, struggle with hurting relationships, and so much more. But sometimes the entertainment industry can also connect people to doing good in a way they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. So many of those people end up doing incredible, philanthropic work around the world! Today’s guest took his experience in the entertainment industry and actually left it to revolutionize the way philanthropy could be done. My guest this week is Liron Artzi, the founder and CEO of Utopi, a new platform that revolutionizes philanthropy, elevates live-streaming Blockchain technology, and integrates influencers and user generated content to transform our planet. Liron was an incredible guest, and make sure you listen till the end when he tells me about how he almost became the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands of our generation! It’s a crazy story and I know this is a conversation you’ll love! THE AGE OF TRUST Liron recognized a need for a creative environment where Millennials and Gen Zers could be rewarded for their work and make an impact at the same time. Utopi utilizes Blockchain, which allows creators to use smart contracts, a digital contract that makes it easy to track exchanges. By making information concrete and unalterable, this platform is creating a sense of trust that wasn’t there before. Liron and I chat about the age of trust and why this sense of security and efficiency is so important. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME Everybody has a story, and Liron is no exception. With one of the most unique backgrounds I’ve ever come across, Liron will blow your mind with all his different experiences. From movie roles to publishing a magazine to singing in a rock band, his experiences built on each other to give Liron the knowledge and tools he needed to create a platform like Utopi. Liron explains his belief that everything happens for a reason. UTOPI IN PRACTICE With his mom working for non-profits for many years, creating change and making an impact has always been a priority for Liron. His passion for entertainment projects that educate and motivate led him to create a platform that merges letting creators help themselves with the want to help humanity. Liron and I talk about giving kids a unique platform to help others that wasn’t available before and how Utopi is used in everyday life. About Liron Artzi, Founder and CEO of Utopi Liron Artzi is the Founder and CEO of Utopi. He has years of experience in media, entertainment, film and television. He has 20 years of experience working in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Liron's role in business development, corporate sponsorship and consulting allowed him to interact and work with major international brands. As Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Milestone Media Group, Liron Artzi launched and distributed the Warner Brothers DVD box collection set across Asia. He also sold the first English language picture to the Chinese market. As Vice President of London International Television in New York City, he produced and financed the Business Profile Series for CNBC, working with the CEOs of ING, Fortis Investments, Ford, Coca-Cola, Getty Museum, Umbro, Adidas-Salomon, and Nike. CONNECT WITH LIRON:

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