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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Dec 5, 2018


Were you ever one of those kids who always felt like your parents were forcing you to do something? Maybe your parents made you go to church or they made you take piano or they made you learn Spanish or whatever… it was something that was important to THEM and they, in turn, wanted it to be important to you, too. Maybe for years you did whatever it was begrudgingly… as a teenager you would kind of roll your eyes but you did it anyway… but then, suddenly, as an adult.. there’s that lightbulb moment where you realize that all those years of your parents encouraging you to do something all of a sudden becomes something that you care about and it becomes something you want to do on your own. Suddenly… no one is forcing you… you’re doing it because you care.

My guest this week is Jennifer Lunsford with Rahab’s Rope, a non-profit and jewelry brand that is giving hope to women and children who have been, or are at-risk of being, exploited by human trafficking. As you know, this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart, so I was really excited to have Jennifer on the show. GOD’S TIMING Jennifer first got involved with Rahab’s Rope through her mother. Jennifer had always been around missions, but after spending her childhood being dragged overseas and to church, she wanted to do her own thing and pave her own path in life. She got her bachelor’s degree in psychology and thought that was the route she was going to take. She got married to someone she had known for many years, and they had two children. When she decided she wanted to get her master’s degree in psychology, she choose start her first semester online. That was the time that she realized something was off. She realized psychology was not what she was supposed to do. Feeling empty and unfulfilled, she prayed for an answer to what exactly she was supposed to spend her life doing. It was at this time, that she asked her mother if there were any full-time positions with Rahab’s Rope. Incredibly, someone had just put in their two-week notice, that very day. The business was starting to grow and they needed more help. She never imagined that working with her family business would be her life’s calling, but she found it was exactly what God had been preparing her to do. A PRAYER, A PASTOR, AN ANSWER Rahab’s Rope began when Jennifer’s parents took a trip to India to visit some friends who had gone to India to work full-time at an orphanage. Jennifer’s mother had traveled the entire world but felt she was being called to India. Two years later, Jennifer’s mother and father planned another trip to India, this time to see what it would look like if she was involved in missions there. Jennifer came along this time, and her family met with an Indian pastor. They discovered that a woman from the red lights district had been praying with this pastor for help and for hope, and that Jennifer’s mother was the answer to those prayers. Jennifer’s family learned about the issues facing this community and realized that none of the women wanted a hand-out, they wanted somebody to teach them a trade. They, above all else, just wanted hope and opportunity. Her parents decided to do more than just fundraise. They elected to educate so that these women could go back to their community and make a positive change. THE BUSINESS MODEL: DUAL RUNGS Rahab’s Rope has grown so much over the years. They are a 501c3 non-profit, but they also sell gorgeous products--through retail sales, wholesale, and host parties. On one rung of the business, Rahab’s Rope combats human trafficking, and on the other side, they sell goods, which helps to provide economic empowerment for the women they work with. Rahab’s Rope has 5 women’s centers in India where their beautiful work takes place. In these centers, they provide basic education, vocational training, and even housing. It is in these centers that the products are crafted. Rahab’s Rope wants to teach these women a trade, but their goal is not to employ them indefinitely. They seek to provide the women with the tools and opportunities that they need to go back into their community and share hope.   About Jennifer:  Jennifer Lunsford is a native of Hall County and married Alex Lunsford a native of Habersham County. They have 2 sons, Forrester and Fletcher and reside in Clarkesville. Jennifer received her BA in Psychology from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Jennifer is a member of the Habersham Chamber of Commerce and the coordinator for the Chambers Young Professional Group, she is on the Board for Prevent Child Abuse Habersham and Co-President for the PTCO Clarkesville Elementary. Jennifer mother, Vicki Moore is the founder of Rahab’s Rope and Jennifer is the Director of Sales for Rahab’s Rope. She oversees the organizations sales for wholesale and host parties along with the stores. Jennifer has traveled to India to personally work with the women and children Rahab’s Rope serves. Connect with Rahab's Rope:

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