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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jun 7, 2023

My guest this week is Karrie Garcia. As a pastor, life coach, author and CEO, Karrie inspires change in others by boldly sharing her journey to freedom. With more than 10,000 hours of experience under her belt, Karrie has been speaking formally since the age of 19. Her audiences range from church small groups to crowds of thousands.

Karrie’s authentic, raw, and fearless approach to addressing challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, topics makes those who hear from her feel known, loved, and accepted. She started the nonprofit Freedom Movement in 2014 with the understanding that every single one of us is broken and has wounds, many of which are not often addressed within traditional church environments.

Karrie’s new book, Free & Fully Alive: Reclaiming the Story of Who You Were Created to Be, is available now.

10:22 – Karrie 101

  • Besides being a wife and a mom of three kids, Karrie trains people to heal through their trauma.
  • Karrie wanted to know God deeply, but she didn’t know how to deal with the harm and heartache she experienced at home.

21:36 – Struggling through addiction

  • Karrie has been sober 21 years, but she still struggles with drug addiction. She got off drugs because she was going to die.
  • No one is doing drugs just because they want to. Something deeper is going on.

34:26 – What has helped her heal?

  • Her entire book is about healing and connection to self, God and others.
  • Pause the things you’re doing today and look at who you were when you were younger. What role did you have to play in your family?
  • Write down one, two or three stories about how you played that role. How did you protect yourself?

44:56 – Broken and in need

  • People often come to Christianity broken and in need, and they think they’re supposed to have their life more together than they do. But that is a lie.
  • Jesus asks us not to be scared. Trust in Him.

52:20 – Honesty

  • People often put on masks and don’t have real, honest conversations with people.
  • Connect to yourself first. Be honest with yourself first and then be honest with God.


I wanted to know God deeply, and yet I didn’t know how to encounter or faceoff or even really embrace the stories of harm and heartache that were in my home.

I’ve been sober 21 years. However, I still struggle with addiction. I got off drugs because I was going to die.

I take very complex things and simplify them.

We must see the story before we see the sin. You’re on drugs? OK, what’s the story?