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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

May 11, 2022

My guest this week is Liz Brunner, the CEO and founder of Brunner Communications and best-selling author of Dare to Own You: Taking Your Authenticity and Dreams Into Your Next Chapter.

Liz is sought by high-profile people and organizations to build meaningful reputations and powerful brand identities within their markets. She is also a frequent speaker at corporate conventions.

In 2020, Liz launched her podcast, Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner, where she shares stories of recreation. All of her guests have taken their life experiences, the good and the bad, the successes and even the failures, and used that knowledge to not only create their “next chapters,” but to inspire others as well.

Liz also founded the Brunner Academy of online learning in 2020, with a goal to provide access to high quality speaker training. Her flagship masters public speaking course, How to be a Rock Star Public Speaker, has received high praise.

5:40 – Liz 101

  • Liz is a classically trainer singer, former journalist and now an entrepreneur and best-selling author.
  • She wants to continue teaching, motivating and inspiring people to live their best lives and find their authentic lives.

8:31 – From teacher to journalist

  • No knowledge or experience is ever wasted, even if it wasn’t what you planned to do.
  • When Liz was a teacher and a journalist, she was telling stories. There is a connection between different jobs.

13:20 – Why journalism?

  • When she taught high school music, Liz thought there was something more she should do, but she wasn’t sure what it was.
  • She thought about being an architect or psychologist. She heard about informational interviews, so she called up TV stations and asked for a job.

17:50 – Chasing perfection

  • Sometimes being imperfect is more perfect, because you’re being your best authentic self.

20:57 – Living her purpose

  • Liz has interviewed presidents and other important people, but the work she’s doing now is more fulfilling.
  • She has found her purpose and what she is meant to do in this world.

28:08 – A mosaic identity

  • Liz calls herself a “mosaic” because she is a blend of many different nationalities.
  • She was bullied at times because of her ethnicity.

40:36 – What’s next?

  • Liz has added new courses to her online learning academy.

42:37 – Get to know you

  • Who was she most nervous to interview? President Obama
  • Guilty pleasure? Chocolate candy and cupcakes


I want to continue to teach. I want to continue to motivate. I want to continue to inspire people to live their best life, whatever that is.

Sometimes being imperfect is more perfect, because you’re being your best authentic self.

I am doing my purpose and what I was meant to do in this world.



About Liz Brunner:

Best-selling author, Executive Communications Coach, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host, and Emmy award-winning journalist. Liz Brunner’s television career spanned 28 years and featured many memorable highlights. Along with co-anchoring the #1 rated 6pm newscast at ABC-TV, WCVB NewsCenter 5 in Boston, she conducted exclusive one-on-one interviews with prominent figures ranging from professional athletes to global political leaders including President Barack Obama as well as cultural icons such as Oprah Winfrey.

In 2013, Liz excitedly embarked upon her next chapter, becoming the CEO and Founder of Brunner Communications and launched in 2020. Both are dedicated to helping people find their authentic voice, tell their story and lead with presence. Liz is also the host of the Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner podcast, on which she guides her guests to share their stories of self-discovery and re-creation. Listeners around the world join in on the journey, garnering inspiration from the wisdom shared. Dare to Own You: Taking Your Authenticity and Dreams into Your Next Chapter is her first book.

A classically trained vocal performer and former high school music educator, Liz holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music. She has performed with the Boston Pops and at professional sporting events for teams including the Boston Celtics, the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots, among others.

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