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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jul 25, 2018

One of the things I talk about a lot is the fact that there are a lot of layers to the ethical and fair trade fashion world. It’s not just about pretty, handmade clothes. There are so many complex issues that really hide beneath the surface, or sometimes maybe they’re brought to the surface. Everything from the orphan crisis to human trafficking to child and slave labor, all those types of things really are there hiding beneath the surface and it’s time that we talk about those issues so that people can understand why ethical and fair trade fashion is so important and why it’s important to be purchasing from companies and brands that you know the practices behind the things that they make. And it’s time, in my opinion, that we talk about those things and we bring them to the surface and we make it not scary anymore to have difficult conversations! My guest this week is Carly Burson, the founder of Tribe Alive. Tribe Alive is one of my favorite ethical fashion brands. They employ and empower artisans in 6 countries around the world and they are the epitome of a brand that’s changing communities, countries, and people’s lives. This was such a fun conversation and we talk about just about everything. I know you’re going to love it! WHEN ORPHANS AREN’T REALLY ORPHANS The inspiration behind Tribe Alive came from the adoption of of Carly’s daughter when Carly and her husband went to Ethiopia to finalize the adoption. Carly had no idea just how life-changing this trip would be. After spending time in their daughter’s orphanage, she realized that many of these orphans weren’t actually orphans at all. Carly and I chat about parents not given the choice or the chance to raise their kids and how this trip inspired her to make a change in her professional life. TEACH A PERSON TO FISH Carly knew from the very beginning that Tribe Alive wasn’t going to be based of a give-back model. While charity is important, many people don’t realize how charity can hurt a community. Carly never wanted to give anything away, she wanted to create opportunity for people to earn for themselves and stand on their own two feet. Carly and I talk about helping others live successfully and why Africa is fed up with the West’s hand-me-downs. ETHICAL NOT EXCLUSIVE Joining the ethical and fair trade fashion can be very intimidating. Many people established in this community often take the ‘all or nothing’ view, which honestly isn’t realistic for most people and sometimes even makes me feel like a little bit of an outsider.  At the end of the day, it’s important to recognize that there is right and wrong, but that it should be all or nothing. Carly and I discuss the importance of being accepting and accessible and how to make changes over time. About Carly Burson, Founder of Tribe Alive: Carly Burson is the founder and CEO of lifestyle brand Tribe Alive. The name Tribe Alive came from her ambition to build more than just a company but rather her desire to build a movement. When Carly Burson began her adoption journey, she knew that becoming a mother would profoundly impact her life. She never imagined that it would alter the course of her life’s work. Although adoption presents an opportunity to support an individual child, Carly was struck by the desire to address the core issue of child relinquishment on a global scale: namely, the economic insecurity facing women in the developing world. Tribe Alive was born from Carly’s decision to utilize her years of experience in the fashion industry as a platform to alleviate poverty among people in the developing world. Carly believes that ethical fashion has the power to change lives, and it is her hope that Tribe Alive's artisans will be empowered with the means to care for their families. Carly has been interviewed and featured by Darling Magazine, The Good Trade, The Bump, and Pop Sugar to name a few and is admired nationally and internationally for her work and inspiring story. Carly lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband Kyle, 7 year old daughter Elie, 18 year old daughter Pricila, 3 year old granddaughter Flory, and four-legged soulmate, Remy Dog. “I loved the challenge of competing with brands that cause poverty through their production while our platform alleviates it. It’s our way of exposing the fact that you do not need to compromise the human factor of business in order to succeed.” - Carly Burson CONNECT WITH CARLY:

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