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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jul 10, 2024

My guest this week is the lovely Kirby Kelly. She is a Christ-centered content creator and influencer who runs the Bought + Beloved podcast. Whether it’s on stage, through writing, or in one-on-one conversations, her passion is teaching God’s truth everywhere she goes.

Kirby desires to see this generation and culture flourish in freedom and confidence, rooted in their identity and walking in the victory won on the cross. I loved getting to hear her story and learn more about her new book, You Can Be Free: Overcoming Temptation and Habitual Sin by the Power and Promises of the Gospel, which just released.

Kirby has such a powerful testimony and shares so many valuable and practical strategies for those struggling with addiction and habitual sin in this episode. I always find talking to younger generations so inspiring and hope this conversation brings you encouragement today!

2:26 – Kirby 101

  • Content creator, author, podcaster and wife
  • Master’s in theology
  • Passionate about making Jesus’ name known

4:19 – Digging Deeper Into Kirby’s Story 

  • Growing up in a Catholic household
  • Losing her father to alcoholism
  • Struggling with addiction, depression and anxiety
  • Giving her life to Jesus
  • Making social media content to spread the gospel

14:37 – The Journey To “You Can Be Free”

  • Kirby’s story of overcoming habitual sin
  • Feeling a calling to write this book
  • How Kirby’s struggles have resonated with many
  • Equipping those struggling with sin with tools and knowledge

21:24 – Conviction vs Condemnation

  • Romans 7:15-20
  • Conviction leads us toward life
  • Green and red light zones
  • The importance of community and accountability

36:30 – Takeaways

  • Connecting with Kirby
  • Getting your copy of You Can Be Free
  • Kirby’s hope and prayer for this book


“I ​just ​really ​wanted ​to ​provide ​a ​practical ​and ​biblical ​strategy ​for ​anybody, ​wherever ​they're ​at ​in ​life, ​in ​faith, ​in ​sin, ​to ​be ​able ​to ​look ​at ​it ​and ​understand ​that ​in ​partnership ​with ​Jesus, ​we ​can ​be ​free.”

“There's ​no ​condemnation ​in ​Christ. ​There's ​no ​longer ​shame ​for ​the ​things ​that ​he ​has ​freed ​us ​from ​and ​delivered ​us ​from.”

“Condemnation ​has ​a ​sitting ​in ​death. ​Conviction ​leads ​us ​towards ​life.”


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