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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jun 26, 2024

Join us this week for an incredible conversation with Hannah Keeley, the founder of Mom Mastery University, the #1 life coaching app for moms. Hannah is a parenting expert, master board-certified life coach, and mother of seven, who integrates faith and psychology to help moms achieve radical transformation in their lives.

I’m thrilled to have her on the show today to talk about her book, Mom Fog: 8 Steps To Overcoming Mom Fatigue Syndrome, and dive into the fascinating science behind "mom fog" or "mom brain."

After recording this episode, I couldn't wait to share what I'd learned with my husband- so many concepts just clicked into place for me. If you're a mom, dad, aspiring parent, caregiver, or teacher, I know you're going to find this discussion incredibly enlightening!

6:29 – Hannah 101

  • Mom and grandmother
  • A behavior therapist
  • Facing challenges in early motherhood
  • Hearing God’s voice + developing effective strategies to help moms

12:27 – Taking The First Step

  • Getting up and doing the hard thing
  • Getting curious about our thoughts
  • Learning how to be

18:33 – Speaking Your Vision

  • The profound impact of the words we speak about ourselves
  • Speaking positively to transform our mindset and our reality
  • How Hannah visualized living in her dream home before it was a reality

28:06 – The Concept of “Mom Brain”

  • Why the brain changes post-children
  • How mom brain leads to feelings of overwhelm and overstimulation
  • The unique role moms play in holding a family together

43:40 – Takeaways

  • Hannah’s 5-day boot camp for moms
  • Mom Mastery University
  • Getting a free copy of Mom Fog
  • Connecting with Hannah


“The ​most ​strategic ​action ​to ​get ​you ​out ​of ​the ​negative ​place ​that ​you ​are [in] ​will ​always ​be ​the ​most ​counterintuitive. ​It ​will ​always ​be ​the ​thing ​that ​you ​least ​likely ​want ​to ​do.”

“Whatever ​you're ​saying, ​you ​will ​become. ​So ​just ​understand ​that ​your ​life, ​your ​subconscious, ​your ​future ​is ​always ​eavesdropping ​on ​what's ​coming ​out ​of ​your ​mouth.”

“Without ​a ​vision, ​we ​perish. ​So ​if ​you're ​perishing, ​change ​the ​vision. Create something new.”

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