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Can I Laugh On Your Shoulder?

Jun 5, 2024

My guest this week is the incredible Stephanie Quayle. She's a Nashville recording artist, founder of the record label Big Sky Music Group, and has been recognized by Rolling Stone Country and CMT for her talent. With two Billboard charted singles, she's an independent artist who frequently performs at CMA Fest and the Grand Ole Opry.

I’m thrilled to have her on the show today to talk about her new book, Why Do We Stay? How My Toxic Relationship Can Help You Find Healing. It’s not only an incredibly powerful story but an excellent resource for spotting red flags and starting your journey toward healing. She’s here to share her story with us today, reflect on life post-toxic relationship, and share some of the steps she took to navigate the most difficult times of her life.

If you’ve ever experienced an unhealthy relationship or are supporting someone who is going through one, this conversation is so important. Stephanie has such an incredible story and was such a joy to talk to!

2:45 – Stephanie 101

  • Growing up on a farm in Montana
  • Starting a record label in 2015
  • Performing at the Grand Ole Opry
  • Becoming an author

4:14 – Digging Deeper Into Stephanie’s Story

  • Facing bullying and discovering a love for music
  • Experiencing the underbelly of the industry in LA
  • Losing partner in a plane crash and discovering infidelity shortly after
  • Moving to Nashville, starting a label, and falling into another toxic relationship
  • Confronting the past and writing a book to help others

20:22 – Reflections On Toxic Relationships

  • Staying in unhealthy relationships
  • Forgiving toxic partners and yourself during the healing process
  • Finding the unconditional love of Jesus

34:18 – Life After A Toxic Relationship

  • Seeking out professional support in the healing process
  • Leaning on faith and God’s tools
  • You are not the problem, but you are the solution
  • You are enough on your own

42:03 – Stephanie’s Advice For Those In Toxic Relationships

  • Listening to your intuition
  • Recognizing red flags
  • Surrounding yourself with trusted people
  • Considering the advice you would give to others


"We are not meant to do this on our own. God gives us tools. God gives us people. And we need to utilize those."

"You are not the problem, but you are your solution. And that only happens by us getting stronger."

“Until we fix ourselves, there's, there's really no way around it, there's no way of getting over it… The only way to get over it is by getting through it to get to the other side."

“No one is going to fix you. No one is going to complete you. You know, I think that sometimes when we think of equally yoked, we think of ourselves as only 50%. And that then our other 50% will be this person that comes in like saves our lives, right? Well, there's only one that does that. That's Jesus.”


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